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Getting solar projects designed, permitted and built is a tough task no matter what size the project. From preliminary land evaluation to design and from construction to project close-out the hoops are many and the hurdles are high. Hewitt Solutions and our qualified partners are well-experienced in providing thorough and streamlined consulting to benefit a successful project. 
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Ricky hewitt jr, pe

Ricky is a licensed civil engineer with extensive experience in many types of land development including residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy.

He has developed a reputation as a trusted partner for his dedication to his clients and unwavering commitment to the success of their projects. He prides himself on the ability to identify qualities of a successful project and then facilitate a streamlined and creative approach to ensuring desirable outcomes for all parties. Never afraid to think outside the box, he continues to provide solutions by applying previous experience without letting it get in the way of a fresh perspective and consideration of a new approach.

Considered by many as a “developer friendly” consultant, Ricky is unwavering in his belief that there are design and construction solutions that mutually satisfy the goals and initiatives of all project stakeholders - including the developer, contractor, owner, inspector, and jurisdictional authority.

Cutter Sydnor, PE

Director of Solar
Cutter is a licensed civil engineer and has collected a tremendous breadth of experience in the land development industry since graduating from Virginia Tech’s rigorous Land Development and Design Initiative program in 2013. His ability to recognize trends and identify opportunities led him to the renewable energy industry where he has had a primary focus since 2017.

Reputation is a valuable commodity in service-based industries, and Cutter has developed one as a go-to expert of high character and ability. Whether it is guiding a developer through the early-stage development hurdles, working thru complex designs and permitting requirements with an EPC, or representing the industry as a technical expert in state and local working groups, Cutter is regularly requested at the table by stakeholders from all stages of the project lifecycle.

Cutter’s background lends a rare perspective to the industry – he is still seen regularly with his father and brother at Sydnor Farms, a grain, vegetable, and cattle operation in Haynesville, Virginia recognized by the state as a Virginia Century Farm. Experience inside and outside of the office gives Cutter a unique ability to understand the solar industry as a whole; rather than a siloed design approach, he believes in engaging a broad array of team members and interested parties to solve problems and strengthen projects.

Nick Nordberg, PE

Design Engineer
Nick is a licensed civil engineer and Virginia Tech LDDI program 2016 graduate from Chesterfield, VA.

He and Ricky first worked together at a previous employer on site design for various projects across central Virginia until 2017. Excited to team up again, Nick joined Hewitt Solutions in January 2023 bringing to the team a whole
host of complementary skills, abilities, and areas of focus.

Modern day civil design is heavily dependent on advanced software programs and tools and Nick is the in-house AutoCAD Civil 3D expert. His technical abilities and attention to detail position him well for managing the team’s design standards, templates, and processes. 

Our clients are served well in how Nick applies his passion for land planning and low impact environmental engineering in service to their projects by executing high quality deliverables.

Mike Newberger

Director of Finance
Mike is a financial operations specialist with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore. He has 18 years of experience in finance and accounting while working in the real estate, construction, and professional service industries.

Through a partnership with his firm, Outsourced FinOps, Mike manages the financial operating systems as part of the Hewitt Solutions’ team. His many years of experience and service-oriented approach combine to ensure the right software tools and tech stack are in place for efficient and accurate financial recordkeeping. His efforts support the overall goal of high value service to our clients through effective AP/AR processes as well as detailed cash flow monitoring and management. 

Mike’s focus on the A/E industry and proven high value impact on the Hewitt Solutions operation give great confidence for a long partnership in the years to come.

our approach

A strategic approach to solar design, engineering and consulting

When working with Hewitt Solutions, it should feel like we are part of your team – because we are! Your goals are our goals, and we sincerely believe that our ability to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients will keep us in the driver’s seat and winner’s circle every time. Here are three ways we do things differently.

We’re often requested to provide a scope and fee with limited information. Too many engineers move forward without taking the time to evaluate the request, in partnership with the client, to make sure it makes sense for all parties involved – that’s not what we’re about. At this step, our goal is to help you discover what’s best for you. We do that well.


It’s commonly asked of us to complete a design with a linear path. Too many engineers oblige without establishing checkpoints for reevaluating the direction of the project in relation to the client’s goals. The land development process is iterative and must be conducted accordingly – that’s where we distinguish ourselves. Reducing risk, cost, and review time are critical for a successful project and can be achieved when approached tactically. We do that well.

Engineers are frequently expected to obtain permits without fully understanding the project’s goals. Too many engineers proceed assuming no concessions can be made. On the other hand, Hewitt Solutions helps identify and leverage common interests among all stakeholders – Developer, County, State. We all prefer simple, low-risk, and seamless projects that benefit the common good. We achieve these goals by fostering a unity that results in fruitful discussions and effective negotiations. We do this well.

Discovery conversation


scope & proposal 


 project Implementation

our capabilities

residential solar
design & engineering

Licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee (and soon to be Pennsylvania), we provide structural reviews and stamps to supplement your building permit applications.

solar project

Consumer education on solar energy as a power source is still too low. Unfortunately, not everyone has had a great experience in the consideration or implementation of solar at their house, on their land, or in their business. Solar is a great option for many, but is simply not for everyone - we can help navigate that consideration.

utility scale
design & Development

Whether it’s small or large scale solar, our extensive experience covers all aspects from zoning approval to as-built certifications. We have a proven track record of working well with localities and state agencies in getting plans designed, permitted, and constructed. Our reputation in the industry sets us apart and we are excited to continue to build on it.

land development engineering & design

Although we focus on the renewable energy industry our experience and capabilities extend to a variety of other land development projects. We can help with project planning, exhibits, or obtaining field services and are erosion control and stormwater management specialists.

Solar design services & land development engineering
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